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Do you ever wish you had…

…more free time?
…more free space?
…less stress in your daily routine?
…more time for family, friends or hobbies?
…peace of mind knowing that you are caught up on bills, errands and household projects?

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Back in 1994 I was going through a career transition and quite by accident ended up starting my own business. What started out as helping a friend with behind the scenes organizing projects in support of her business, slowly grew into what today is my own.

Whether I organize closets and cabinets, help to get paperwork and files under control, or pick up your groceries and dry cleaning, my goal is the same- to help reduce the stress in your life and find you the time for what truly makes you smile. I’m kind of like that affordable personal assistant you dreamed of having and can just call when life gets a little crazy and you could use an extra set of hands.

Lessons Along The Way

I’ve learned a few things over the past 25 years or so as a professional organizer that makes it easier for my clients and me to achieve their goals.


We have a lot of mental and emotional energy tied up in our “stuff.” Sometimes the biggest roadblocks to getting that basement cleaned out are the memories and attachments we have to the belongings that are piled up down there.It’s just easier to shut the door and avoid it than to take the time and energy to face it head on- especially alone.


There really is no “one size fits all” answer to organizing issues. Each of us orients to the world a little differently and will do best with a solution that fits for our own personality and way of doing things.


On the surface my job may seem to be about clearing out clutter in closets and rooms and finding order where there was chaos, but when I look deeper I realize that it is just as much about the people, my clients, and supporting them as they make the changes in their spaces/lives that will free up their time and energy to pursue what really makes them happy.
I have known Shannon for at least 15 years. She has been helping me stay organized and supported me and my family throughout these years on an average of every two weeks. She has assisted me with my piles of unlooked at mail, magazines, found bills that got buried on my desk! She has helped walk my pets when I worked long days, or had surgery. She has helped me tackle a basement full of various things I had accumulated over the last 30 years that I have lived in my house. The job I hate the most is cleaning out my refrigerator. She has helped remove and clean the containers way in the back. You know the left overs you forgot to eat, and can no longer be identified because of the new growth white, green and black. Yuck.

I am a physician, so on top of the regular junk mail, I get drug company notifications, free magazines to read. I seem to have the “pack rat “gene, not quite a hoarder, but without Shannon, I wonder if I could be one of those. She keeps me on track, plus it makes bill paying and decluttering enjoyable. I feel that she has become a true friend. She may know more about me than anyone else I know! The time we spend together is fun, helpful and so important to keep me centered and up to date on bills. When I visit my daughter overseas for a month, she comes over and reviews the mail, emails me which bills I need to pay. Coming home is not a huge nightmare of unlooked at mail. I recommend her without reservations.


University City, MO

Let’s Begin. It’s Simple.

Just pick up the phone and give me a call or fill out the contact form here. I always begin each project with a conversation so that I understand your goals.

No worries…

…about getting organized before you call to schedule an appointment. Let’s dig in together and not wait another day.

…about what I will think of you and/or your clutter. My focus is on helping you to find peace of mind.

…about what others might think. Our work together is completely confidential.

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