I work with all kinds of different people: busy moms, dual income professionals, and seniors just to name a few. They all have different reasons for calling me but the one thing they all have in common is the realization that they don’t have to do it all by themselves.

They have wisely made the decision to spend their time on something that’s more valuable to them. I’m happy to take some tasks off their plates so they can do what they love.

  • Sometimes an event spurs their phone call: a move, a remodel, a new baby, an empty nest, a downsizing, or a relationship change.
  •  Sometimes it’s just the stress of having put off a project that needs to be done to make life simpler.
  • Other times it’s just a long list of errands and to-dos and not enough time in the day.

Through my years of experience, I understand that there are many reasons to feel disorganized or overwhelmed. But it doesn’t mean that you’re not capable. It simply means that you’re focused somewhere else, you have different priorities, or that organizing is just not your top skill set. That’s okay.

Organizing comes naturally to me and I love doing it for other people.

I have worked with Shannon for 16 years during which time she’s helped with projects, my business and a host of other things.She has demonstrated a willingness and ability to tackle just about anything and to do so with a great attitude. Shannon is professional and very easy to get along with even during stressful decision making moments. She is reliable and has never missed a day of work with me over these many years. Her approach to organizing is solid and she follows a process to see projects through to completion.

She’s approachable, personable and is successful because she knows how to “meet” the client in the space where the client is at the start of a project. Shannon doesn’t force anything but rather assesses the situation and helps the client figure out the best way to achieve the desired results.


Richmond Heights

It has been a pleasure to work with Shannon. She is willing to help, no matter the task. Shannon has a great way of making organizing fun and not a chore! I would recommend Shannon’s help to any of my friends.


Kirkwood, MO

I am writing to recommend the services of Shannon Drohan of Simply Organized. Shannon is a professional organizer who has an infinite number of skills —she has worked with me for nearly 20 years, and has my complete trust. Over the years, she has handled my billing (when I was a private practice clinician) and my personal finances, including bill payments, check balancing, deposits, and all things financial.

Beyond that, she has organized every closet in my home. Children and animals love her.  I trust her with all my personal possessions. I first came to know her when I was moving from one home to another. Fifteen years later, I made another move. In both cases, Shannon packed all my personal items, participated in the moves, and then unpacked and organized my new households. She manages stress very well and we have never had a negative interaction in spite of my A.D.D. personality. Her patience is remarkable. All in all, she is a pleasure to have as a member of my household and I whole­heartedly recommend her services. I feel very fortunate that our paths crossed and I have enjoyed the benefit of her support for many years.


Clayton, MO

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